Battle of the Book Villains

Voldemort (R.I.H) vs Amarantha (R.I.H)

This is going to be my first blog series that I commit to titled: Battle of the Book Villians. It is understandable why one would appreciate  the bravery and kindness of heroes but to counteract that, and to understand the ingenuity and wickedness of villains, that must also be appreciated.

Voldemort Facts:

Born: 31st December 1926
Died: 2nd May 1998 (aged 71)

A individual who wreaked terror for several centuries both in the wizarding and muggle world, alike. Commonly referred to as You- Know- Who or He- Who- Must- Not- Be- Named his real name was considered taboo and an omen for death. Voldemort’s cunning and sly ways led him to become the Darkest Sorcerer to have ever lived for it was the fear of the unknown that he thrived on and the hushed whispers only seemed to incite the fear that was growing in every man, woman and child.

Amarantha Facts:

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

A individual who enjoys more so the physical pain than the mental torture that the Dark Lord found most appealing. She loves to parade the power she has over others, toying with her victims as a child would toy with their food before eating it. Though she wreaked terror for several centuries on the courts of Pyrthian, her limited time on the pages of a Court of Thorns and Roses displayed her as nothing more than a stuck-up teenager who throws terrible two’s tantrums (try repeating that 5 times!) when she doesn’t get her way.

Winner: Voldemort Avada Kedavras Amarantha from across the battle field. The battle is over before it has even begun.

5 thoughts on “Battle of the Book Villains

  1. Ah brilliant, I really enjoyed reading this. I love the Harry Potter books. I’m hoping my children will be willing to read the books when they’re old enough before they see the films. I think you lose a lot with any film however well it is written, it doesn’t use the child’s own imagination like the written word.

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