Chained by Susanne Valenti

Chained Book Review
Title: Chained (Cage of Lies #1)
Author: Susanne Valenti
Release Date: October 1st 2015
Genre: YA Dystopian

Rating: 1/5

 “The world is meant to be lived in, not controlled.”
There was a time we co-existed with Mother Earth in peace, until over-population and food shortages led to the experimentation and disfigurement of the natural process. One poor choice forced humans to cower behind the Wall as a widespread contamination wreaked havoc on the rest of humanity. Years later, mankind is still afraid to step outside. However due to unforeseen circumstances one girl risks it all, one girl who finds out more than she bargained for.
When it comes to books I am brutally honest about my opinion of them and I have to say that Chained was not quite to my taste. It lacked well-developed characters and had a predictable story line. With regards to one of the main characters, it seemed that the author was slacking and placed him on the sidelines, only welcoming him back in the last 10 pages of the book (what’s the point of that?). Furthermore, throughout the book there appear to be several conversations which are forced, as if the author is trying a bit too hard.
The only reason that I read this book right until the end was due to the controversial issues which, knowingly or unknowingly, Valenti examined. Here is my interpretation of them:
  • Technology is killing nature.
  • Criminals are placed in a prison where they can kill each other – is this the future? Or would such a higher deterrent go against the most fundamental human right?
  • A Government tracking system: Issue of whether in the future the government will be able to track everyone, all the time for the safety of the population.
  • Issue of over-population in the world – is this eventually going to lead to selectivity and mass killings?
 The book has some really amazing issues, however it lacks the story which would have been the cake underneath the icing.

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